What Are the Options for Vaporizing Alcohol?

 / What Are the Options for Vaporizing Alcohol?

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You’ve heard of herb vaporizers and e-cigarettes, but how about alcohol vaporizers? It might sound like something you’d find at a college frat party gone wrong, but these vaporizers do exist, and they’re a quick and easy way to get drunk – without the extra calories. You have a lot of options in the alcohol vaporizer department, but before we get to that, let’s talk about what alcohol inhalation actually is.

What is Alcohol Inhalation?

Like herb and e-liquid vaporization, alcohol inhalation administers alcoholic beverages straight to your respiratory system. The alcohol completely bypasses your stomach and liver, which means you’ll feel its effects quicker.

Now, there are some concerns here with inhaling alcohol vapor. Because it goes directly to your bloodstream, it’s easy to overdo it. And if you do go overboard, vomiting won’t purge the alcohol from your system.

That being said, most vaporizer manufacturers state that your BAC levels are only raised for a short period of time. That’s because your body doesn’t have to break down any liquid.

In Vapshot’s test (one of the more popular alcohol vaporizers), a person’s BAC level went from 0.09 to 0.00 in 25 minutes. That amount of liquid alcohol would take 6 hours to break down in the body.

Even still, you should vape responsibly just as you would with drinking liquid alcohol.

So, now that you know what alcohol vaping is, what are your options? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular alcohol vaporizers for sale.



Vapshot is a leader in the alcohol vaporizer industry. You’ll find their machines in bars and clubs, but they also manufacture machines for home use too.

Each Vapshot is served in a special container that’s designed to pressurize and vaporize alcohol. To serve, just twist open the cap and pop the top.

The alcohol will vaporize right before your eyes. Now, this isn’t the same as smoking alcohol. You consume the vapor through a straw, and any leftover liquid can be drank just like a regular shot or cocktail.

Vapshot offers two different machines: commercial and mini.


Commercial Vapshot Pro


The commercial machine is designed for, well, commercial use in bars and clubs. It’s completely automated and self-contained. This particular machine offers an entire liter of capacity for both of its dispensing guns. This way, you can pour just liquid spirits, a Vapshot (which is just vapor), a vaportini, or a special Vapshot-plus (which is mixture of both vapor and either a 1/2 or full shot).

The commercial machine also features an LED name plate, so you can label the products in each dispenser. A 14” color LED also plays a promotional video for the machine.

This machine is so efficient, it can make up to 1,500 Vapshots from one 750ml bottle of alcohol. And it can serve up to 720 shots in an hour. If you fill the machine to its capacity, which is two 750ml bottles, you can easily push out 3,000 shots before you need to refill.

The machine itself features a commercial-grade aluminum interior and stainless steel exterior. It has Wi-Fi built in, so you can access the unit remotely from a mobile device or desktop computer. It also comes with a built-in camera, so you can see what’s going on in real-time all the time.

Another great optional add-on is the shot counter, which can be accessed through the machine’s built-in Wi-Fi. This will give you complete control over the shot counter, allowing you to reset the meter and view the count.

The commercial machine is great for bars and clubs, but what about home use? That’s where the Mini comes in.

Vapshot Mini

vapshot mini

The Vapshot Mini is a smaller version of the commercial machine, and it’s designed for personal use. Now, the Mini is only available for a limited time, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to get your hands on it.

Like its commercial counterpart, the Mini serves up alcohol in a pressurized container. To vape, just twist open and enjoy with a straw. You can serve up straight liquid spirits, vapor only, or a combination of vapor and liquid. It’s a fun and versatile way to enjoy alcohol, and will take any party to the next level.

Now, with the Mini, you have the option of choosing stainless steel or white finish. The machine is small and portable, so you can easily take it with you to parties, use it out by the pool, or even enjoy it while you’re out camping.

You can get your hands on the Vapshot mini for:

  • $899 for the stainless steel model.
  • $699 for the white finish model.

Click here to see the Vapshot Mini for yourself.


AWOL Alcohol Vaporizer

AWOL Alcohol Vaporizer

If Vapshot isn’t your cup of tea, try the AWOL alcohol vaporizer. Dubbed the “ultimate party toy,” the AWOL works a little differently than Vapshot. It mixes alcohol with oxygen to create a cloud of alcohol vapor that can be inhaled.

The manufacturers say you’ll feel the effects immediately, and won’t experience a hangover the next day.

Aside from being a fun way to enjoy alcohol, AWOL also enhances the aroma of the spirits in a smooth vapor that you’ll love inhaling. It will take about an hour to consume an entire 35ml bottle of alcohol, so it’s gentler and lighter on your body.

You have a few different options if you’re planning on purchasing the AWOL:

Air powered machines

  • AWOL (single person): an output of 8.5 liters a minute and 10 psi
  • AWOL 1 (two persons): an output of 9.5 liters per minute and 20 psi

Pure oxygen powered machines

  • AWOL 2 (two persons): output of 9 liters per minute and 9 psi
  • AWOL 3 (three persons): output of 18 liters and 18 psi

The oxygen powered machines can run continuously for more than one person, which is great for parties. The overall experience is a bit different than the Vapshot because this method adds oxygen into the mix. One isn’t better than the other. They each offer unique experiences. But AWOL is a fun toy to bring to any party if you can’t get your hands on the Vapshot.

While AWOL may not be able to compare with Vapshot in terms of design and quality, it’s still a great way to enjoy alcohol vapor at home.

Vaporizing alcohol is a whole new way to enjoy your spirits. If you love vaporizing herbs or using e-cigarettes, you’ll love alcohol inhalation. If you had to choose between the Vapshot and AWOL, Vapshot is the obvious choice. But if you miss your chance to buy the Mini and can’t afford the commercial machine, the AWOL is your next best choice.